Tuesday, June 7, 2011



  1. I Started Making Candle Sculpture In The Year 2000. I've since made many experiments with many types of Design's & Wicks.....Prototypes "" Of Any Kind ""
    Using The Old Manner "Clay" "Plaster"&"Wax" www.WaxSculptor.com
    "Experienced Master" In Designing Three Dimensional Piece Moulds.
    Collaborated with Sculptors & Famous Artists.
    In Doing So I Have Perfected 3D Plaster Piece & Silicone Moulds!
    "Great" For "Mass Quantity"
    I've Found A Way! Not To Have Retouch to do with the Final Product.
    Personally I make Sculpture & Design Models. I'm Looking for A Partner 40% To Invest for the Making of my Sculpture Candles!! Made Several Prototype Models.
    Many People "Loving it". What I need to do is Mass Produce!!
    Find A Partner who will take care of Funds, Materials & My 3D Saved Retouch Moulds.
    So We Can Keep The Price Low & Be The First Original
    Candle Sculpture Supplier On The Net.
    "You Never know"
    Ps: All My Candles Once Lit/Consumed & Hollow.
    Will Then Be "Ready" for "Direct Casting" "Bronze" or other "Precious Metals"
    Costing you only "Material/Casting"
    "Foundry" That Can Be Chosen By You For "Your Own Convenience"

    Sincere Regards Jjwitté